July 2020: Summer is finally here. New Stuff!

Reef Creature Clothing Activewear

After what seems like a long time, summer 2020 is finally here…..and what a spring it has been. With the emergence of Coronavirus and the chaos that has ensued, many of us are finally coming out of lock-down and gaining back some of our freedoms. While the global pandemic is still a massive problem, we thought it was time to celebrate some sense of returning to normalcy with new products, new discounts and new promotional videos. Search our product catalogue to find your summer 2020 active wear look, and check out our ‘How We Design Our Products’ videos scattered around our new look website.

So wherever you are in the world, and whatever your pandemic situation, lets start to look towards the future and the chance that we can all get active once more and show off our favourite colourful and vibrant coral reef inspired Reef Creature Clothing looks. We think we all deserve a holiday!

And don’t forget to check out out new look Instagram and Pinterest feeds @reefcreatureclothing!!

December 2019: Affiliate program launched – The Full-Bodied Evolution

We are excited to announce the launch of our affiliate program with The Full-Bodied Evolution.

The Full-Bodied Evolution is an amazing community where you can learn everything you need to lose weight and keep it off! It was created to be the one place you can go and learn everything you need to know about healthy living and weight loss. It helps you to change your life and be consistent while having amazing support and a great community! There are No Diets, No Fads just good old fashioned fun! Weight loss doesn’t have to be hard. It is ALL about having fun! Weight loss is a journey! It is a Mindset Heavy approach to weight loss, and is a space where you learn to create your OWN healthy lifestyle that works for you so you can lose weight without it ruining your life!

The creator, Marnie Wynne, spent her whole life being the ‘fat one’ and dieting. Hating exercise and generally not being able to lose weight. She created this membership club for all those people who are overweight, fed up of diets and just want to live a normal, happy and healthy lifestyle that you love! Having been there herself she knows what it is like. The Full-Bodied Evolution is an incredibly well-rounded programme dedicated to all aspects of weight loss. The mental, emotional AND physical.

This marks the beginning of Reef Creature Clothing moving towards body positivity and catering for plus-size women as well as all those size zero models you see in our photographs! Watch this space, and check out the Full-Bodied Evolution now!

June 2019: Launch of Summer Collection and Product Discounts!

Rash Guards - Reef Creature Clothing

Based on customer feedback and social media interactions we have now launched our summer collection that focuses on Womens Rash Guards and Yoga Leggings. Other new products have also been released, and we have also added more non-clothing items to our catalogue to showcase the amazing creatures that live on Caribbean coral reefs. The summer collection has been given a lower price-point than before to reflect customer appreciation, so have a look and take advantage of these discounted rates today! This collection also serves to highlight a slight change in product direction, driven by our sales, that focuses more on athleisure wear and beach wear, especially those that relate to either yoga or outdoor pursuits such as surfing and/or diving. Enjoy!

February 2019: New Products and Colorado Model Photoshoot

Reef Creature Clothing Model Shoot 2018

To celebrate a successful launch, and a new year of exciting development, Reef Creature Clothing has added a number of new products to its line, including Womens Rash Guards and Skater Dresses! To further celebrate, we also organised a photoshoot with @theraw_photo in Colorado to showcase some of our most popular products of 2018. Many thanks to all involved, and the Reef Creature Team look forward to an even more successful 2019!

November 2018: Reef Creature Clothing Website Launch

Leggings - Reef Creature Clothing

After completing product launch collection, fully scrutinising our new website theme, and conducting a number of end to end tests, the Reef Creature Clothing line is now live! A big thank you to everyone for all their hard work and insights, and now its time to build a unique brand of clothing that reflects the vibrance and diversity of coral reefs and their inhabitants!

August 2018: Second Beta Website Launch

T-Shirt - Reef Creature Clothing

With initial product design now complete a new website theme began beta testing with mock product catalogue, new URL and numerous test products. Feedback from social media followings and team members were incorporated into what would become the final launch sequence over the following few months.

November 2017: First Beta Website Launch


With the completion of the new Reef Creature design portfolio, the first beta-stage website was launched that showcased a selection of the digital renderings but did not currently offer them for direct sale on hard copy products. At this stage the aim was to develop a web presence, begin social media followings, and get feed back from potential investors that would help guide the next developmental phase…..placing these designs on physical products!

February 2017: The Birth of Reef Creature

During meetings while out in the Caribbean, the Reef Creature concept was born. Over the months preceding these meetings the original design portfolio was created that won over the soon-to-be Reef Creature Team. This portfolio used original underwater photographs taken on location in the Caribbean to create colourful and vibrant digital renderings that would be used as prints on athleisure wear, beach wear and other printed products. At this early stage in the process many details still needed to be finalised, but the project was given the green light and the real work now began!