About Reef Creature Clothing

All our products are inspired by coral reefs and the reef creatures that inhabit them. We use original photographs of reef creatures and their surroundings and turn them into unique designs that are then used to create inspiring athleisure wear and beach wear. Many of our designs are also available on other select printed products that can be used to add an exotic touch to your home.

Our products are manufactured with quality materials and to a high standard, with every care taken to get the finished product safely to your door step. We ship world-wide from both the USA or Europe depending on your location, whichever ships fastest. All our products are available to be shipped from both regions, aside from some of our framed prints which only ship from the US. Returns are dealt with directly by our white-label manufacturer to reduce turn around times.

We are passionate about the environment and donate 5% of our profits back to conservation efforts in coral reef areas around the globe as a gesture of thanks to the reef creatures that inspired our products. Currently we are donating to the Anguilla National Trust who do important work in the small Caribbean island of Anguilla where the majority of our original design images were taken. We want to encourage love and understanding of these wonderful animals and the habitats they live in and so publish a regular creature feature, each time detailing a specific reef creature together with its likes, dislikes, and how it is getting on in the world.

So thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope you enjoy browsing our site and products. If you have product suggestions or requests please contact us and we will do our best to add your suggestions to our product library. We are very happy to create something bespoke specifically for you. Also, if you would like to place bulk orders and stock our items in your retail outlet, please contact us directly for more details, including discount options.

Have a great day!

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