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Caesar Grunt

Caesar Grunts

Belonging to one of the more common fish families found on Caribbean reefs (Grunts – Haemulidae), the Caesar Grunt (Haemulon carbonarium) can be differentiated from other similar looking species by yellow to dark copper/bronze body stripes and dusky rear dorsal, anal and caudal fins. It is one of the lesser common grunt species found in the region, but can sometimes be seen drifting around in small schools near coral formations. It may be also hang around the fringes of larger schools of French Grunts (Haemulon flavolineatum), but is often happier to mooch around in pairs or even one their own. As with other grunt species, the Caesar Grunt makes an unusual grunting sound which is produced when teeth grinding deep inside their throats gets amplified by their air bladder, a habit which gives the family their common name. The sound can be heard when diving, along with all the other strangle little clicks and pops that various other creatures make while going about their daily (or night time) business. What a cool concert!

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About Reef Creature Clothing

We specialise in coral reef inspired clothing. You can also find limited edition printed products featuring some of our most popular designs. We donate 5% of our profits to conservation projects that help protect reef creatures around the globe. Currently we are supporting the Anguilla National Trust, who do vital conservation work on the small island of Anguilla, British West Indies where the majority of our images were taken. To help you learn more about these fascinating reef creatures many of them will have featured posts over the coming months. Watch this space!


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