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Fringed Filefish

Fringed Filefish - Reef Creature Clothing Blog

A close relative of the Whitespotted Filefish, the Fringed Filefish (Monacanthus ciliatus) is much smaller and lives a completely different existence. As seen in this design print, it often hangs around soft corals, hiding among their branches for cover and relying on its ability to change colour and become well-camouflaged if it chooses. This seems to be an effective strategy as it is quite a challenge to find one, and most divers and snorkellers probably don’t even know they exist. They are also common on sea grass beds, where they usually adopt a green colouration and hide among Turtle Grass blades….again, any divers or snorkellers probably pass them by unaware they are there. This is a good reminder to look carefully around you when visiting the underwater world, as the sheer diversity and amazing detail possible to observe never ceases to amaze!

The Fringed Filefish, with its long, pointy, and rather cute-looking face, feeds on small invertebrates such as shrimps and worms. Interestingly, each male is usually associated with a number of females who lay concealed clutches of eggs that are fertilised by the male and then guarded by one of the parents until they hatch. What good parenting!

About Reef Creature Clothing

We specialise in coral reef inspired clothing. You can also find limited edition printed products featuring some of our most popular designs. We donate 5% of our profits to conservation projects that help protect reef creatures around the globe. Currently we are supporting the Anguilla National Trust, who do vital conservation work on the small island of Anguilla, British West Indies where the majority of our images were taken. To help you learn more about these fascinating reef creatures many of them will have featured posts over the coming months. Watch this space!


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