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Rose Lace Coral

Rose Lace Coral

Rose Lace Coral (Stylaster roseus) is probably one of the most delicate and ornate species of coral to be found in the Caribbean. It is actually not a regular reef building coral, but instead belongs to the class ‘hydrozoa’, rather than the class ‘anthozoa’, and so can’t claim to playing much of a role in building impressive structures such as the Great Barrier Reef belong. Rose Lace Coral is actually a type of fire coral and so has stinging capabilities that can produce soreness and welts to humans, although this is unlikely to happen as this particular species likes to live in dark rocky cervices well away from areas prone to accidental diver contact. It is usually lavender in colour, and close examination reveals its tiny stinging tentacles that protrude from its polyps. The detail of the underwater world never ceases to amaze if one takes the time to look closely enough.

A  nice synopsis of this species can be found here. Also, if you are interesting in seeing the original underwater photograph of Rose Lace Coral taken on location in the Caribbean island of Anguilla then you can do so by clicking here!

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