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Red Hind

Red Hind

The Red Hind (Epinephelus guttatus) is a species of grouper and a type of sea bass. As with all groupers it has a pretty stern look on its face at all times, and is not friendly with unwanted observers, usually disappearing under a rock before it can be closely approached. It has reddish brown spots over its tan to white body, and can grow to over two feet in length. Unfortunately, due to its delicious taste when cooked, individuals of this size are only rarely seen today. Most sightings these days are of individuals less that a foot in length.

Of interest is that as with other groupers and parrotfish, the Red Hind is a protogynous hermaphrodite, in that all individuals first mature as a female, and later turn into a male if they reach sufficient size or age. Also, at certain times of the year spawning aggregations take place, where fish from the surrounding area all travel to a certain spot to meet up and mate. There are reports from Puerto Rico of a tagged Red Hind travelling more than ten miles to attend one such get together. Its amazing the lengths we will go to to have a bit of fun.

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